10 Lessons reading to my children has taught me!

Reading to children is the number one most important thing anyone can do for them.  We are always wanting to teach our children so that they become better adults! Do you stop and think what they are teaching us? Well that list could go on for days for me. It would include patience, respect, kindness, how to put lipstick on, how to play football, how to play video games and of course at this age, because I have children, I know nothing. So in reality they are teaching me everything! Man, children are so smart! OK, I got off track a bit.

Well, I made a list of some of the quotes from books I have read to my children. Some of these really hit home. They make me feel like I am doing the best I can. I love to read and I am hoping that teaching my children this gift will be the best thing I can give them!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite quotes. I’m now inspired to take note of our own list and use it for our copy work lessons too. I will never forget the little engine’s perseverance and determination – “Never give up!”

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