Nearly 8 years of reviewing summed up in one post!

I have been blogging reviews for nearly 8 years. I have loved every moment of it. About 2 years ago I put blogging on the back burner so I could work full time, be a mom full time, be a wife and even though I have loved my family time, I have missed blogging. I decided that I can do it all! I have blogged products such as toys, games, food, drinks, appliances, trips, restaurants. Not one single thing has been my favorite. I love the whole adventure of blogging! From requesting the products to working on my website, every part of blogging is exciting. Below are a few of the pictures I have taken of products I have reviewed. When I stopped blogging I lost my website, rookie mistake, I know, well I am no longer a rookie and ready to make this great! I am so excited to get back into this and can’t wait to start reviewing again!!