Nearly 8 years of reviewing summed up in one post!

I have been blogging reviews for nearly 8 years. I have loved every moment of it. About 2 years ago I put blogging on the back burner so I could work full time, be a mom full time, be a wife and even though I have loved my family time, I have missed blogging. I decided that I can do it all! I have blogged products such as toys, games, food, drinks, appliances, trips, restaurants. Not one single thing has been my favorite. I love the whole adventure of blogging! From requesting the products to working on my website, every part of blogging is exciting. Below are a few of the pictures I have taken of products I have reviewed. When I stopped blogging I lost my website, rookie mistake, I know, well I am no longer a rookie and ready to make this great! I am so excited to get back into this and can’t wait to start reviewing again!!




4 Replies to “Nearly 8 years of reviewing summed up in one post!

  1. Wow!!! I want to add reviews of products as part of my blog too! I’d love to know more about how you do it and get into that!

  2. Great loved it, you are a blogger for last 8 years that’s great, I am new in Blogging and all still learning. But thanks for sharing i hope i will learn more from you

    1. Thank you!! things change so quickly in this industry! Hope I can catch right up to where I was!!

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