Blood x Sweat x Tears

I will be excited to see this Vodka on shelves. First sip I tried straight out of the gorgeous bottle. Don’t judge, how else do you know how fantastic the flavor is?

It was warm going down, the flavor was amazing something I can’t explain. I hadn’t tasted it before, and I have tried many vodkas. It could be the way they put all of their sweat, blood and tears into making it! A slow distilled, freeze-filtered artisan vodka with a smooth finish and more than a hint of fxck you to The Man”

After I  tasted this vodka alone, I needed to figure out what to mix with it. I didn’t want something that would take the flavor away from the vodka.

I decided to try a sugar free energy drink. Blue raspberry to be exact. I could still taste the vodka while sipping my drink. A perfect blend!

A few things you need to know about Blood x Sweat x Tears vodka:

1. It honors “misfits”: anyone who has found themselves questioning the role or space in society they were “supposed” to follow, and instead chose their own path. This can range from jumping into entrepreneurship to taking a career path no one believed in to simply living life on your own terms.

2. It is delicious: self-taught distiller Ben Green developed a “flash freezing” process. Similar to the way chilling chicken broth separates the impurities out, allowing for a more concentrated flavor, Blood x Sweat x Tears is rich tasting yet retains just enough of a rough edge. Ben makes every drop by hand, with soft white winter wheat sourced from one single ranch in Washington state, and purified water from Oregon’s own Cascade Mountains.

3. It helps animals! Ben’s rescued his pit bull, Mr. Pickles, is so beloved that he is even on the Blood x Sweat x Tears bottle. In his honor, the brand partners with Best Friends no-kill animal rescue. When Best Friends was founded in 1984, an estimated 17 million cats and dogs were killed in America’s shelters every year; by 2018, that number was reduced to 733,000, and they are working toward a 90% save rate by 2025. The more Blood x Sweat x Tears we drink, the more pets we can save!

I need to point out what I didn’t like, which is very minimal!

I absolutely loved the bottle, it is so beautiful.

You can’t see through it or be able to feel how much is left. I told you it was very minimal, but if you are going to make a drink and pick up the bottle, if you don’t remember how much was drank the time before, you could be expecting to pour more than you have available.

You need to try it! And when you see it on the shelves here in Michigan, remember that I told you so!!


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