Back-to-School Palooza Giveaway

CHECK IT OUT!! Welcome to the Back-to-School Giveaway Palooza Sponsored by: Failing Perfect, Dibsies Personalization Station, Zazzle, Fundanoodle, and Educational Insights Hosted & Organized by: Failing Perfect Co-hosted by: Here We Go Again, Ready?, Intelligent Domestications, Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains, Spaceships and Laser Beams, Peace and Chaos,...
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Milo’s Kitchen Review and Giveaway Ends August 1st

  My dog’s love these soft treats! There is no artificial flavors or color, which makes the pickiest animal parents to be able to give them to their little or big pets! Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck travels around sharing this wonderful home style dog treats...
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Pet Kelp Review and Giveaway Ends 7/28

My dog loves these tasty little treats! It is such a great relief to find something that all is natural ingredients and not crazy additives. There is nothing in this jerky that I wouldn’t feed to my kids! (That doesn’t mean that I am) At...
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Amelia Otto Photography

Jan Rose Reviews
Amelia Otto Photography In a small town, near Grand Rapids, Michigan there is marvelous photographer! Go ahead head over here and check it out! Each moment can be captured! Every memory will be remembered! Share the news! Rates will go up in 2015!! Start a...
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